Tom Allon

Tom Allon, a native of the upper West Side of Manhattan, is the president and CEO of City & State, a company he founded a decade ago.

Tom has over three decades of experience in New York’s media world, both on the publishing and editorial side of the business. He started his career in 1986 as the editor-in-chief of a weekly newspaper, The West Side Spirit, which won a number of awards for investigative reporting during his tenure. He then became the publisher and vice president of a public media company, News Communications, which owned 23 publications in the metropolitan area and Washington, D.C. He was involved in the creation of the daily Capitol Hill newspaper, The Hill, which became the inspiration for City & State. He also spent a decade building a private media company, Manhattan Media, which owned AVENUE magazine, Dan’s Papers, New York Family, five weekly newspapers in Manhattan and City & State.

In 2013, after a brief foray into politics, he privatized City & State with partner Steve Farbman and has now led the company’s expansion around the state and into Pennsylvania. Tom has also been an educator, first as an English and journalism teacher at his alma mater, Stuyvesant High School, in the mid-1980s and then more recently as an adjunct professor of journalism at Hunter College.

Tom, a graduate of Cornell University and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, lives in Brooklyn Heights and is the proud father of three millennial children.

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Tom Allon
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