Human services nonprofits launch new voting initiative

Person wearing a sticker declaring they voted.
Person wearing a sticker declaring they voted.
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The new initiative aims to get New York City nonprofit clients, staff, leadership, board members and funders engaged in voting this year.

Human services nonprofits launch new voting initiative

The nonpartisan effort aims to mobilize voters in advance of local elections in New York City in 2021.
October 29, 2020

A group of human services nonprofits in New York City is launching a new project to drive voter registration and mobilization with the goal of boosting the influence of the sector and the communities they serve. 

The NYC Nonprofits Turnout: A Voter Empowerment Project was created by 12 nonprofits, including the Chinese-American Planning Council, NYC Employment and Training Coalition, and New York Immigration Coalition.

“Through unified and expanded education, registration, and mobilization efforts, NYC Nonprofits Turnout will activate all corners of this sector –  clients and families, staff and leadership, board members and funding partners – to create a new power dynamic that puts the needs of the nonprofits and the communities we serve first,” its website reads. It also highlights data from the organization Nonprofit VOTE, which found that voters engaged by nonprofits were 11% more likely to turn out to vote compared with the average voter in the same demographic group. Nonprofits were also more likely to engage with people of color, people under the age of 25, and low-income individuals. 

The nonpartisan initiative seems to be particularly focused on mobilizing in advance of local elections next year, when New Yorkers will be voting for a new mayor and many new City Council Members. The last mayoral election, held in 2017, had abysmal turnout – only about 8.5% of New Yorkers voted. 

NYN Media reporter Kay Dervesh
Kay Dervishi
is a staff reporter at NYN Media.