2019 Nonprofit OpCon

June 13, 2019  
Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion
1 West 4th Street New York, NY 10012
8:00AM - 5:00PM
The Path to Streamlining Operations
Event Description
New York Nonprofit Media will host Nonprofit OpCon, bringing together top-level board members, executive directors and chief financial officers from nonprofits across New York to discuss how to streamline processes and make smart choices that affect the day-to-day and year-to-year operations of nonprofit institutions.
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Welcome and Opening Remarks

Streamlining Processes, Operations, Finances & Investments through Strategy
Successful organizations utilize many levels of strategy — organizational, programmatic, and operational — in developing their mission. A focused approach to strategy can help make operational decisions related to systems, resource allocation, data management, finances and investments and other operational processes more cohesive and purposeful. This panel will address how operations and processes aimed at enhancing a nonprofit’s administrative efficiency, streamlining monetary functions, operational stability, preparedness, and execution are key to strategic execution and impact. 
  • Executive Director, Staten Island Mental Health Society (Moderator)
  • Chief Operating Officer, The Foundation for Opioid Response Efforts, FORE
  • Director of Development & Communications, IMPACCT Brooklyn
  • Partner, Tate & Tryon
  • Outsourced Accounting and Advisory Services Senior Manager, Gelman, Rosenberg & Freedman
  • Founder & CEO, Accreditation Guru
  • Director of Nonprofit Industry Marketing, Sage Intacct
What Nonprofits Need to Know About Nonprofit Accounting and Finance
There’s no doubt that maintaining the financial health of your nonprofit can be challenging. Keeping up with important changes such as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is one thing, but even navigating the basic fiscal rules governing your organization can be even more demanding.  Managing your board, your donations, and your organizational costs are necessary aspects of making real change, and there are a number of resources out there to help you achieve fluency in these skills.  This session will address ways you can further your knowledge of how money and mission can work together to bring your most ambitious social impact goals to life.
  • Director of Finance and Administration, America Needs You (Moderator)
  • Executive Director, CUNY School of Public Health Foundation
  • Executive Director, 82nd Street Academics
  • Partner, Not-for-Profit Practice Leader, Citrin Cooperman
  • Founder and Managing Partner, NCheng LLP
  • Senior Vice President, IDB Bank



Special Presentation 

Finding a Home: Navigating Real Estate as a Not-for-Profit
Real estate decisions for Not-for-Profits are unique and complex due to the variety of service delivery needs, multifaceted financial considerations, and their commitment to supporting their mission in every business decision. Choosing a new home has a very different set of considerations than those of a typical office tenant, but the need to decide whether to lease or buy, rethink how your space is utilized, plan for expiring leases and take advantage of a market conditions is ever present.  This panel aims to help not-for-profits navigate their real estate decisions and offer insight into ways to save time and money and create the perfect environment for your organization.
  • Executive Managing Director, Co-Chair, Not-for-Profit Advisory Group, Cushman & Wakefield
  • Executive Managing Director, Co-Chair, Not-for-Profit Advisory Group, Cushman & Wakefield
  • Executive Director, Sanctuary for Families
  • Senior Associate, Gensler


The Importance of Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations: What Works and What Doesn't
Your nonprofit is only as effective as its people, so it’s imperative that you staff your organization for success. But staffing can be a challenge, especially in the face of your nonprofit or trade association’s ever-changing budgets, goals and needs. Hiring is always a challenge but nonprofit organizations face additional hurdles when searching for great employees.  If you don't have a dedicated HR department to handle recruitment, screening and interviewing, you might establish a search committee or use outsourced human resources support to help fill key positions.
  • President & CEO, Harlem Educational Activities Fund (Moderator)
  • Executive Director, Options for Community Living, Inc.
  • Executive Director, Shine Foundation
  • Director, AJC NY
  • Board Chair, Governance Matters Board Member, NYCON
  • Director of Program Development, HR Services, 501(c) Services
  • Partner, Mazars USA LLP
Reshaping the Workplace for Nonprofits
While every group has a different mission, they all have similar choices to consider especially when it comes to the physical workplace. Nonprofits need to decide whether to lease or buy, sell or hold, relocate due to changing demographics – so much goes into the preparation for those decisions, and then there’s an entirely new set of problems when it’s time to move into a new office space…then what? That’s when an architect and workplace design firm can help an organization create a space that not only accommodates and facilitates the work to be done, but it can also help with the retention and recruitment of staff, donors and volunteers. The panel aims to help nonprofits evaluate their workplaces, what the future of those spaces might look like, and how they can get there.
  • Co-founder & CEO, The Fairy Godsister, Inc. (Moderator)
  • Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Family and Children’s Association
  • Executive Director, The Felix Organization
  • Principal, Interior Practice Leader, Spacesmith
  • Executive Director, Vicus Partners

Networking Luncheon

Special Presentation:
Data at Your Fingertips
In today's fast-pace technology world, we often look to our phones or other mobile devices to access the information we want and need daily, whether it's the latest news story, weather updates, social media, or pretty much anything going on in the world. But what about information about your organization to make decisions in an instant? In this session, we'll introduce a few ways you can start getting the information you need to run your business right at your fingertips.
  • Senior Manager and Market Leader, Your Part-Time Controller, LLC
  • Manager, Your Part-Time Controller, LLC
The Future of Workforce Development: Tools for Change
The goal of a workforce development program is to increase the effectiveness of people, programs, and organizations through employment.  Workforce development is a person-centered approach to economic development. It concentrates on building the skills, knowledge, and behaviors that are needed by individuals in the workforce to deliver services both now and in the future. Nonprofits use numerous approaches to allow for both individuals and businesses to reap the benefits.
  • Chief Operating Officer, Hour Children (moderator)
  • Chief, Charities Bureau, New York State Department of Law (Attorney General)
  • Executive Director, Theatre of the Oppressed NYC (TONYC)
  • Chief Operating Officer, Vibrant Emotional Health
  • President/ Chief Executive Officer, Lutheran Social Services of New York


Roles and Responsibilities of Board Members
A nonprofit’s board of directors has multiple, equally important responsibilities to fulfill.  The board sets the plan, examines operations, and acts as a public figure of the nonprofit.   It is essential to consider things like finding the right personalities, the right experience levels and job qualifications as well as what is needed in terms of operational risk, the importance of D&O insurance and protecting your clients in general. This session will discuss where to begin, checklist of important tools and resources, balancing the daily, monthly and five-year plan.
  • President and CEO, MarketingWorks (Moderator)
  • Treasurer, The Junior League of Long Island
  • Partner, PKF O'Connor Davies, LLP
  • Founder and CEO, Pitch In For Baseball and Softball
  • Senior Consultant, Community Resource Exchange
Integrating the Right Technology Needed to Take your Operations to the Next Level
Is your organization’s technology in need of an upgrade?  Are they concerned about choosing the right technology, managing change and getting acceptance from employees?  This session will provide essential tips, allowing the audience to come away with practical and applicable ideas for improving their email, using digital clues to predict their next move, social media, digital acquisition and online renewal campaigns. This session will demonstrate glimpses of fresh techniques and tools that are proving successful for other organizations.
  • Director of Communications, Save The Garment Center (Moderator)
  • Administrator, CRM and Marketing Platforms, New York Blood Center Enterprises
  • Deputy Executive Director Performance Improvement and Innovation, Corporate Compliance Officer, Goddard Riverside
  • Chief Revenue Officer, JMT Consulting
  • Social Impact Account Executive, Oracle + Netsuite
  • Business Development Executive, Withum
Nonprofit Efficiency:  Managing Risk, Overhead and Relationships
Risk management is a tool that helps nonprofits deal with uncertainty. Leaders of nonprofits must identify and manage risks that threaten their missions and operations, while empowering them to leverage opportunities and take bold, mission-advancing risks. They must be looking at their overhead expenses as that can be a consideration for donor contribution.  It’s also important to consider the importance of customer and vendor relationships and how to balance cost with these valued relationships.  Overall the goal to run an efficient nonprofit can be faced with many challenges.
  • Chief of Staff / Director of Operations, G!RL BE HEARD (Moderator)
  • Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer, Solutions Journalism Network
  • Managing Director of Operations, Parenting Journey
  • President, Community Care Rx
  • Regional Sales Director, Pentegra Retirement Services

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