Nonprofit Techcon

December 06, 2016  
The Convene
8:00AM - 5:00PM
How Technology Has Changed Everything for Nonprofits
Event Description

December 6th - 8am - 5pm
The Convene- 32 Old Slip - 2nd Floor
8:00 -8:30 am     Networking & Registration


8:30am Welcome and Opening Remarks

8:45am Technology 101: What is basic, cheap or free? A Checklist of Tools
While new technology continues to develop, more tools are available for nonprofits, higher education and other organizations. It’s no secret that smaller organizations generally have fewer resources, smaller staff and therefore less time to dedicate to enhancements than others, but there are incredible tools available at little or no cost to groups like these.  This panel will help attendees to compile a basic toolbox of resources that can benefit each organization and discuss these amazing products and services available by groups who understand their needs.
Adjunct Lecturer, Baruch College
Executive Director, ActBlue
Director, Learning Platforms,New Leaders
 Chief Operating Officer, Senior Vice President, Queens Library
9:30am Case Study:  Transforming Technology Infrastructure to Accommodate Rapid Growth By Implementing A Secure Cloud Computing Environment – Presented by Nonprofit Solutions Network 

Session Facilitators:
Managing Principal, Nonprofit Solutions Network
CTO, Nonprofit Solutions Network
Director of Human Resources and Administration, Center for NYC Neighborhoods

Deputy Director, Center for NYC Neighborhoods

Chief Financial Officer, Center for NYC Neighborhoods

Program Manager, Center for NYC Neighborhoods


10:15am  Betworking/Break

10:35   Streamlining Operational Processes:  Nonprofits Need for Automation
Because of budgets and funding it appears that all nonprofits need automated systems, strong financial practices, smart real estate strategies and multiple grant tracking capabilities.  This panel will discuss how to streamline operations processes and make smart choices that effect the day to day and year to year of nonprofit institutions. 
PMarketing Manager, US Executive Education, IESE Business School
Senior VP of Homeless Prevention and Rehousing Services, HELP USA 
Senior Policy Analyst, Human Services Council
Director of Consulting Services, Kiwi Partners, Inc.
President, Yurgosky
11:20am What We Need to Know about Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Donor Privacy and More

For many nonprofits, new technological advances mean new concerns about privacy, security and safety.  Cloud computing seems like an abstract or challenging concept, but most don’t realize that the new technological norm is much less complex than it may seem. We will discuss risks but also benefits and savings. This panel will also address donor data privacy and cybersecurity as a major concern for nonprofit organizations.
Chairman, NYDLA
Vice President, Carriage Trade Insurance Agency
Executive Director of Information Technology, Lutheran Social Services of New York
Business Analysis, Information Technology, Teach For America
12:05pm   Networking Luncheon
1:05pm  Integral role of MIS and IT in your office
Too many business in all industries have spent money on analytics that end up being unused. As nonprofits, the last thing they can afford is to spend money on something they do not end up using.  This is why it is so crucial to have IT, involved in these decisions, and to speak with peers to find out what works and what does not work.  It is extremely valuable for the people entering the data to see firsthand how it is used, to have transparency into the data, and to incentivize the work and proper recording of the data.
Evaluation & Program Manager, McSilver Institute for Poverty Policy and Research, NYU
CIO, PARC, The Arc of Dutchess, and The Arc of Ulster-Greene
VP of Data Analytics, Keyrus US
CEO, Power Consulting Group, Inc.
1:50pm  Modernizing Mission-Critical Apps
Managing Partner, Synaptitude
2:20pm  Latest Technological Trends in Fundraising, Donor Programs & Crowdfunding
Times are changing, and fundraising is evolving too.  To be successful, a nonprofit’s fundraising approach needs to adapt and innovate. With the development of technology such as live and online crowdfunding, donors can now ask questions and offer feedback, facilitating discussion and building relationships between donors and organizations. Additionally, technology, social media and mobile marketing can attract and inspire new donors who might not have contributed to a cause otherwise.
Vice President, Firefly Partners
Executive Director, EveryAction
President - East Coast, Givergy
Partner Development Manager, Kindful
CEO, ThreadMB
3:05pm  Networking/Break
3:25pm  Introducing Technology into Existing, More Traditional Organizations
Technology truly has changed everything for nonprofits. New technology can increase productivity at your organization so that your employees can focus on your mission. While these technologies may warrant a new and different approach, they are vital and powerful tools to bringing more traditional nonprofits into the digital age. Hear from leaders in the field as they share success stories on the best ways for organizations to incorporate new technology and effectively communicate in our ever-changing digital world. 
Associate Director of the Online Program, Columbia University’s School of Social Work 
Managing Partner, The Bachrach Group 
President, Grassi Technology Consultants 
Director of Research and Evaluation, Harlem RBI
Chief Operating Officer, ICL
4:10pm Using Technology to Enhance Your Message: From Websites to Social Media to Mobile
Technology has changed the way we learn and the way we respond to the millions of messages we encounter in a day. For this reason, cross-platform messaging is key to maximizing an organization’s output. This session will cover the way digital media has become vital, and how strategies for successful messaging can vary across different mediums from websites to social media to mobile devices.
Marketing & Community Manager, Tech Impact 
CEO & Chief Creative Officer, Hatch, Inc.
TBAr, IBM Marketing Cloud
Chief of Staff, Office of the Deputy Commissioner of Policy, Planning, and Measurement with the New York City Administration for Children Services
Chief Operating Officer, Turkish Philanthropy Funds
5:00 pm Closing Announcements, Raffle Winners & End of Conference