New York City Councilwoman Farah Louis attends commitee hearing
Nonprofits expressed reservation about the proposed office’s vague structure and focus
New York City elected officials including Councilman Antonio Reynoso and advocates gather on New York City Hall steps to support bills for nonprofits
One would help property-owning nonprofits avoid being caught up in the city's tax lien sale
New York City Hall
Organizations can apply for funding for costs not covered by a city contract.
A homeless person sleeps on a bench.
The new deputy mayor spent his career addressing HIV/AIDS and veteran's issues
An aerial shot of New York City
The Institute for the Puerto Rican/Hispanic Elderly is affiliated with a scandal-ridden shelter provider that faced a series of bad news this week
Michael Bloomberg at the 2019 Hudson River Park Gala
New York City nonprofits have a mixed relationship with the major philanthropist and former mayor
A bus drives by a school
XQ and the Robin Hood Foundation will help shape the creation and overhaul of 40 schools
ACS Commissioner David Hansell
Though nobody knows how many 17-year-olds will enter the juvenile system, it’ll be smoother than last time, commissioner says.