Making the Most of Our Media World

Making the Most of Our Media World

June 15, 2015

There is no question: Media is an incredibly powerful force in our society. In fact, some researchers estimate that more than half of our cultural perceptions come from what we see, hear and read in the media. This influence is bound to become stronger still with the increasing prevalence of social and digital outlets. 

Understanding this powerful force – and how to leverage it for professional growth and social good – is a focus of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Media Management program at MCNY. The first of its kind in the nation, MCNY’s program remains the only one-year accredited, accelerated MBA program in Media Management. It fuses the study of general MBA core competencies in economics, finance, marketing, operations, management and accounting with intensive exploration of media specific fields essential for effective media management. 

While the program naturally attracts individuals interested in pursuing a career in television, film or digital media, the Media Management MBA also appeals to professionals across the private, public and healthcare sectors, according to Kristie Velasco, J.D., Director of the program in the MCNY School for Business.

“This degree is, first and foremost, an MBA,” she explains. “It focuses on delivering a strong business and managerial skillset but through the lens of the media industry. With today’s new media environment, there isn’t a business or organization – in the for-profit or nonprofit sector – that is not also in the media business, whether they’re competing for attention, customers or donor dollars.” In addition to the general goals of the MCNY MBA program, students in the Media Management program learn how to develop strategies to successfully exploit and utilize traditional, social and mobile media, as well as explore the impact of media on promoting social justice and community empowerment.

With a flexible schedule catering to fully employed adults, MCNY uses a unique Purpose-Centered Education model that combines classroom instruction with applied knowledge and practice gained through Constructive Action, a workable plan a student develops and implements. In the MBA Media Management program, the Constructive Action plan comprises three Purposes: A strategic analysis and assessment of an issue, organization or industry; the development of a business plan based on that analysis; and initial plan implementation and evaluation.

“As a result, MCNY graduates leave knowing how to start, build and run a business successfully – and how to use the media to make sure that business is seen by consumers,” explains Dr. Velasco, who views nonprofits as businesses, too: “The tools nonprofits need to be successful are no different than for-profit businesses; the only difference is in their accounting systems.”

While each MBA Media Management student must complete one philanthropic project in keeping with MCNY’s mission of promoting social justice, community empowerment and diversity, many students focus their Constructive Action plans on developing social programs within the media industry – or viable nonprofit organizations that use the media skills they’ve learned. One graduate is the co-founder of an organization that helps under-represented ethnic patients find a stem cell, bone marrow or umbilical cord blood match. Another initiated a program to advance women of color in the advertising field; a third, who works in the marketing department of NBC, is starting an organization that helps returning offenders find employment in television production.

“That’s why I love this program,” Dr. Velasco concludes. “When you look around and see what’s going on in our society – and the impact the media has on our culture – we really do have the power to change the world.”

For more information on MCNY’s MBA in Media Management and other graduate programs, attend the Graduate Information Session, Thursday, June 25 from 6-8pm, where industry leaders, faculty and admissions officers will share their insights and answer your questions. 

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