Founder and CEO of Youth Design Center Quardean Lewis-Allen.
A Q&A with the founder and CEO of Youth Design Center.
Picture of storefront that accepts SNAP.
More than 50,000 residents could have been lost benefits in New York City in the rule had been implemented.
President Donald Trump speaking.
Leaders at nonprofits and businesses say the order has created confusion and may lead to baseless investigations.
135 W 50 building image
To provide the ultimate flexibility for today’s in-person, virtual and safety driven workforce.
Worker or volunteer with NYC Census reaching out to people to fill out the census.
Nonprofits and city officials say losing another two weeks of the decennial count is a loss for New Yorkers.
Robin Hood Foundation CEO Wes Moore at a Feb. 4, 2019 event in New York City
Its new Power Fund will support leaders at nonprofits such as the Association for Neighborhood & Housing Development and One Brooklyn Health System.
Street view of Chinatown in Manhattan New York City.
The grant from the Ford Foundation represents more than an entire year's budget for the museum.
People on group Zoom call rallying for the Learning to Work program.
The Learning to Work program helps high school students access paid internships and other support.
President Donald Trump's face.
Democrats and Republicans have been stalled for months on what provisions to include in future stimulus bills.
New Yorkers wait in line to get food at a food pantry in Brooklyn in April 2020.
Charities will continue to struggle to provide food for people in hunger over the course of the next 12 months.