NYN Media Outcomes Podcast on Evaluating Youth Programming


NYN Media Outcomes Podcast on Evaluating Youth Programming

April 6, 2017

Helping at-risk young people achieve is often an all-hands on deck affair requiring academic, emotional and life-skills supports. And the pressure to measure the impact of every intervention applied is only increasing. In this Outcomes segment we talk with Joe Luesse, who is both a co-founder and president of the New York Consortium of Evaluators and the director of evaluation for the youth development organization Harlem RBI. Joe talks about the various evaluation tools he uses to measure literacy and social emotional learning and how their programs help mitigate summer learning loss.

Then we talk with Paul Muratore who founded Connections, a youth-mentoring program of the Children’s Village, about training adults to be mentors and then measuring their impact on the lives of youth.

(Note: This podcast was recorded just before Harlem RBI announced it was changing its name to DREAM)

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Aimee Simpierre
is New York Nonprofit Media’s editor-at-large.