Jennifer Jones-Austin CEO and executive director of FPWA.
A Q&A with the CEO and executive director of FPWA.
President Donald Trump's face.
Conservation easements account for most of the charitable contributions he has made over the years.
135 W 50 building image
To provide the ultimate flexibility for today’s in-person, virtual and safety driven workforce.
Hand writing on paper.
Small businesses and nonprofits that have received PPP loans of up to $50,000 will now be able to apply for the New York Forward Loan Fund.
View of Poughkeepsie, New York.
Nonprofits on average expected to see annual revenues losses of 41% because of COVID-19.
Woman talking to man.
Female CEOs at the largest nonprofits face the most disparate pay gap, according to new data.
Emma Jordan-Simpson, executive director of Fellowship of Reconciliation USA.
Organizations can often uphold the institutions of poverty and racism rather than their eradication, nonprofit leaders say.
Panelist at NYN Webinar on nonprofit sustainability speaking.
Speakers describe the best approaches to real estate and funding amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
Hands held up together in a circle.
Experts debate whether they promote future giving or encourage delayed donations to the detriment of charities and the communities they serve.
New York City Council Member Ben Kallos talking.
The city cut $20 million to the initiative helping human services organizations this summer.