Second Panel: Assessing the Real Estate Process

Second Panel: Assessing the Real Estate Process

June 24, 2015

Real estate transactions are some of the most significant business decisions made by nonprofit leaders.  Planning for a nonprofit organization's real estate needs is never simple.  Starting the process early, creating a plan, streamlining decision making and hiring a trained real estate professional will make this challenging task easier as your organization strives to meet its long term needs.  What are the current trends in this area? A top commercial Real Estate Broker’s view on non-profit the market and structuring a lease, an expert weighing in on the “Overhead Myth” and an attorney specializing in advising non-profits.


Jane Brody, Director of the Nonprofit Division at Vicus Partners

Raj Thakkar, Founder & CEO, Foresight For Good
Linda Manley, Esq. Legal Director, Lawyers Alliance for New York
Claire Rosenzweig, CAE, President & CEO, The Better Business Bureau Serving Metropolitan New York,
Andrew Stein, Founding Principal, Vicus Partners