People hold signs protesting hate at No Hate, No Fear Jewish Solidarity March on Jan. 5 in New York.
Elected officials at the rally called for greater security for religious institutions
Woman sits with notepad in front of a father, small child and mother.
Nonprofits still have questions about how they will deliver their contracts for prevention services.
U.S. Capitol
The state is expected to get more than $100 million total to transition to family-based foster care and continue New York City's child welfare intiative.
David Rivel, CEO of The Jewish Board
A look back at the transitions leaders announced this past year
The state Capitol in Albany, N.Y.
Organizations face declining services, increased waitlists and stagnant salaries without the support, advocates say.
Homeless man sits on the street with a sign and belongings stacked on a shopping cart.
The initiative aims to end street homelessness within five years
New York State Department of Motor Vehicles sign hangs over a Manhattan office.
Upstate county clerks continue to criticize the law, which has survived two legal challenges
New York City Hall on a sunny day
The City Council is expected to pass legislation homelessness advocates have pushed for.
New York City Hall
Pushback followed the announcement that Homes for Homeless planned to sell the senior housing complex
David Garza, executive director of Henry Street Settlement, speaks at conference.
Nonprofits honored for their best practices called for collaboration and innovative approaches to board engagement