Panelist at NYN Webinar on nonprofit sustainability speaking.
Speakers describe the best approaches to real estate and funding amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
Hands held up together in a circle.
Experts debate whether they promote future giving or encourage delayed donations to the detriment of charities and the communities they serve.
New York City Council Member Ben Kallos talking.
The city cut $20 million to the initiative helping human services organizations this summer.
Housing Works employees walking out, calling for unionization in October 2019 in Brooklyn.
Staff at the HIV/AIDS nonprofit started their unionization effort last fall, criticizing low pay and poor benefits for workers.
Protestors at the Lucerne Hotel on September 9, 2020 on the Upper West Side.
In finding alternate space for the hotel’s residents, other homeless New Yorkers will likely be displaced as well.
Youth practicing marching band outside.
Foundations were also more likely to fund health and human services over initiatives for human rights and democracy.
Kid curls up sitting on staircase with phone in hand.
Children, teenagers and young adults have been experiencing worsening depression and anxiety in the past several months.
Upper West Side of Manhattan buildings.
Locals created a nonprofit and hired a lawyer in a campaign to get the hotel's residents moved.
Older man wearing a mask in New York City.
Nonprofits are seeing increased demand for case management from older adults.
Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams.
New York City cut $20 million from the initiative which aims to help organizations cover overhead costs.