Wartburg Welcomes New Board Members

Wartburg Welcomes New Board Members

June 16, 2015




Wartburg, a nonprofit senior service provider in Westchester, New York, announced two new members to its board of directors. Kevin E. Ocker, chairman of the board of commissioners of cultural and recreational affairs for the Village of Garden City, and Clesont Mitchell, former operations director at Harlem Village Academy, were confirmed as board members on April 30.

Ocker and Mitchell will both work to facilitate the fulfillment of Wartburg’s mission to provide senior services in a variety of forms—from independent living to nursing care to rehabilitation programs to adult day care services.


Specifically, Ocker will serve on Wartburg’s home board and its Real Estate committee, calling on his 12 years of experience as an administrator for the Village of Garden City’s Department of Recreation and Parks.


“Having been responsible for the delivery of heart healthy activities and programs to diverse populations, I am well aware of the importance of supporting facilities and infrastructure play in the delivery of these services,” said Ocker in a statement.


Mitchell will join the Wartburg’s home board with Ocker and also serve on the Mission & Ministries Committee. His draw to serving on Wartburg’s board is personal.


“I lost my mother in December after 20 years of a crippling disease. Knowing what my sister and I went through in caring for my Mom, I know the great need for quality healthcare and support for all ages,” said Mitchell in a statement.


“We look forward to welcoming our newest volunteers into this time-honored governance role.” Said David Gentner, Wartburg President and CEO. “Mr. Ocker and Mr. Mitchell’s perspectives will be invaluable as the organization transitions from a campus destination to a home and community-based service provider throughout this region.” 


Thomas Seubert