Protester and police during George Floyd protest in New York City.
Major bail funds helping New York City protesters have been overwhelmed with financial support.
IRS building.
States can push for more donor transparency, but measures New York approved earlier this year wouldn't fully address the IRS changes.
Building in Manhattan.
Other funding streams are also being threatened.
Person handing cup of food.
New York has received comparatively less hunger relief through one food assistance initiative.
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo at a press conference.
Assistance is available to smaller nonprofits that haven't received federal COVID-19 relief.
President & CEO of the Fortune Society JoAnne Page.
Nonprofit leaders share their lessons from the shift to remote work.
Hand holds smartphone.
Only 6% of current and former homeless shelter residents could reach the internet through the shelter, according to a new report.
Woman at Women's March in New York City.
Grantees and nonprofits fear the decision will hurt their work helping women and girls.
Seniors walking in New York City.
City officials are also exploring ways to revamp cooling centers for the summer.
Fresh Air Fund's Executive Director Fatima Shama with Fresh Air campers.
A Q&A with the Fresh Air Fund’s executive director.