Community members hold signs encouraging participation in the 2020 Census at a rally in New York City.
The city officially kicked off its outreach campaign that relies on partnerships with nonprofits.
Policeman watching in a subway station in New York City.
The attorney general threatened to take legal action if police are targeting people of color when committing fare evasion arrests.
The Internal Revenue Service headquarters in Washington D.C.
The underfunded and understaffed agency said cracking down on those organizations would be a resource-intensive process.
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo delivers his 2020 State of the State Address in Albany.
Foster care providers see wins in the governor's agenda, but other nonprofits are less pleased.
New York state capitol at sunset.
The law is expected to come under the hot seat during this year's state legislative session.
People hold signs protesting hate at No Hate, No Fear Jewish Solidarity March on Jan. 5 in New York.
Elected officials at the rally called for greater security for religious institutions
Woman sits with notepad in front of a father, small child and mother.
Nonprofits still have questions about how they will deliver their contracts for prevention services.
U.S. Capitol
The state is expected to get more than $100 million total to transition to family-based foster care and continue New York City's child welfare intiative.
David Rivel, CEO of The Jewish Board
A look back at the transitions leaders announced this past year
The state Capitol in Albany, N.Y.
Organizations face declining services, increased waitlists and stagnant salaries without the support, advocates say.