Microsoft Excel spreadsheet open on a Mac computer.
They highlighted the need to invest in better technology – even on a limited budget
New York City Councilman Keith Powers at Criminal Justice and Justice System Joint Committee Hearing
The New York City Council grilled city officials over the continued controversies surrounding the centers
Among the new executive director’s first orders of business: focusing on anti-racism initiatives
Fingers typing on laptop keyboard
Panelists highlight the importance of assessing need before investing in technology
Therapist sits next to reclining patient
The bill would also mental health professionals to operate in substance abuse clinics
Dismantled hard drive sits in front of person
Its forensic lab has played a key role in getting its clients out of jail
Michael Bloomberg after giving a speech in honor of New York artist Janet Ruttenberg on September 13, 2013 in New York
The announcement coincided with news about the billionaire's charitable giving
Finger points at expiration date on a can of food
Four shelter residents have previously threatened to sue the city over being served expired meals
New York City Councilwoman Farah Louis attends commitee hearing
Nonprofits expressed reservation about the proposed office’s vague structure and focus
New York City elected officials including Councilman Antonio Reynoso and advocates gather on New York City Hall steps to support bills for nonprofits
One would help property-owning nonprofits avoid being caught up in the city's tax lien sale