Foster kids need more educational help now

New York City has fully funded its Fair Futures program, but must still include tutoring in addition to coaching


Understanding the nuances of mental health are key for COVID-19 recovery

The 2022-23 State Budget showed a clear indication that New York policymakers have been paying attention to concerns levied by health care providers during the pandemic, but more must be done.


Thousands of detained New Yorkers are eligible to vote. Few likely will.

A lack of reporting and adequate voter assistance materials that plagues jail facilities throughout the state leaves doubts that many incarcerated individuals will cast ballots in the upcoming primary elections

Opinion: Adams’ blueprint for affordable housing embraces holistic approach to help New Yorkers

The mayor’s plan was not just created by ideas and voices from city government but includes input from NYCHA residents, homeless New Yorkers, non-profit leaders, developers and everyday New Yorkers.


A successful 2030 New York State census starts now

An earlier start will allow for better planning and infrastructure statewide and set the stage for a smoother process.


Kids and communities at risk without expanded mental health services

We need to invest in better training for anyone who comes in contact with children in mental crisis

The fight for Just Pay

Why human service workers deserve our continued investment


I’m not feeling a barbecue this Fourth of July

Two words resonate for me during these challenging times: action and community


A call for action that delivers healthy food to New Yorkers

Ensuring food access for everyone experiencing food insecurity is a challenge that can only be achieved through collaborative efforts

Criminal justice

Reform doesn’t stop at the Domestic Violence Survivors Justice Act

Criminalized domestic abuse survivors call for the passing of legislation that will end mandatory minimums and grant a second look when being sentenced in court.


PASSPort Public sheds light on procurement

Here’s a look at how the city has made this important step towards transparency and accountability


Living wages for human services workers are needed now

More funding from the city can establish equitable prevailing wages across the entire contracted human services sector

Reflecting back on those who embodied the history of advocacy for the LGBTQI+ community at CUNY

Noting these graduates and others as Pride is celebrated this month underscores why it’s vital to support the next generation of leaders and activists


Enhancing the state Division of Veterans' Services is long overdue

As an independent department, the division will no longer be under-resourced and will better reach New York’s veterans.


OPINION: New NYC Budget is a win for human services. But we can do better

The 4% cost-of-living adjustment that’s coming (after none for three years) still falls short, especially with inflation


Commentary: Reflections on parenting to widen one’s perspective on nonprofit board work

As children grow older, I and other parents in my Brooklyn neighborhood shifted to purpose-driven parenting, opening ourselves up to caring about the full community, city, country, and planet.