The New York City Council races where major union endorsements are split

In most New York City Council races, labor unions rally around a single candidate, either the incumbent or the establishment’s favored successor. Of course, unions don’t always achieve such unity. Here’s a look at some of the most divided primary battles this year – and who’s siding with whom. 

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District 8 city council race Robert Rodriguez and Diana Ayala

Diana Ayala has more union support than Assemblyman Robert Rodriguez, but as a Democratic state lawmaker he too enjoys ties to labor – and picked up a few endorsements for his City Council bid.

Diana Ayala – 32BJ Service Employees International Union (32BJ SEIU); New York Hotel and Motel Trades Council (HTC); Communication Workers of America District 1 (CWA); District Council 37 (DC 37); Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU); International Brotherhood of Teamsters Joint Council 16 (Teamsters); United Automobile Workers Region 9A (UAW); Professional Staff Congress CUNY (PSC CUNY); New York City Central Labor Council (CLC)

Robert Rodriguez– The Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association of the City of New York (PBA), 1199 Service Employees International Union (1199SEIU), Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association (COBA), Council of School Supervisors & Administrators (CSA), Transport Workers Union Local 100 (TWU), Doctors Council, Local 373, Auxiliary Police Association


District 9 city council race Marvin Holland and Bill Perkins

New York City Councilman Bill Perkins won his seat in a February special election, but he faces a rematch against Marvin Holland, the Transport Workers Union Local 100’s political director.

Bill Perkins – United Federation of Teachers (UFT), HTC, 1199SEIU, 32BJ SEIU, RWDSU, COBA

Marvin Holland – TWU, Teamsters, CLC


District 13 city council race Mark Gjonaj and Marjorie Velazquez

Democratic district leader Marjorie Velázquez and Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj have both garnered the support of elected officials, and they’ve split the endorsements from major unions too.

Marjorie Velázquez – Teamsters, DC 37, CWA, PSC CUNY

Mark Gjonaj – 32BJ SEIU, PBA, 1199SEIU, COBA, UFT, CSA, CSEA, Uniformed Fire Officers Association (UFOA), HTC, TWU

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District 35 city council race Laurie Cumbo and Ede Fox


New York City Councilwoman Laurie Cumbo has picked up endorsements from half a dozen of the biggest unions, but former council staffer Ede Fox has won a few as well.

Laurie Cumbo – UFT, DC 37, HTC, 1199SEIU, 32BJ SEIU, RWDSU, CSA

Ede Fox – TWU, Mason Tenders District Council (MTDC), International Union of Painters and Allied Trades District Council 9, Iron Workers and Metallic Lathers Local 46 


District 38 city council race Carlos Menchaca and Felix Ortiz

In another matchup involving a state lawmaker, Assemblyman Félix Ortiz has a few union endorsements, although he lags behind City Councilman Carlos Menchaca. 

Carlos Menchaca – DC 37, HTC, Teamsters, 32BJ SEIU, CWA, RWDSU, MTDC, TWU, UAW, CLC, CSA

Félix Ortiz – PBA, 1199SEIU, COBA


District 41 city council race Alicka Ampry-Samuel, Henry Butler and Deidre Olivera

Alicka Ampry-Samuel, a former legislative staffer, has the most union support, but Henry Butler, a former subway conductor and union official, won the TWU’s backing, while Deidre Olivera, a Laborers’ International Union of North America member, picked up a pair of union endorsements.

Alicka Ampry-Samuel – UFT, DC 37, HTC, 1199SEIU, 32BJ SEIU, CLC, CSA

Henry Butler – TWU

Deidre Olivera – Laborers’ Local 731, Enterprise Association of Steamfitters Local 638 

Editor's note: This post has been updated with additional endorsements for Mark Gjonaj and Robert Rodriguez and several endorsements by CSA.