New York City

Opinion: The right to shelter makes New York stronger

Undermining the right to shelter in order to avoid housing asylum-seekers would be a betrayal of our city’s values and leave us all worse off.


Opinion: Did you ever think child support services could serve as an anti-poverty tool?

Meet “Mr D,” who said a child support-led work training program was a “life saver.”


OPINION: The fight for bodily autonomy is bigger than abortion

Providing young people the sex education they need to understand that their rights are under attack is more important than ever after the overturning of Roe v. Wade


LinkNYC to spotlight nonprofit PSAs

The internet kiosks will feature public service announcements from local providers


Opinion: A greater society begins by properly caring for the overlooked

Greater funding is needed to support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and the providers who help care for them.


Opinion: Here’s how we can end the chaos at our curbs

Albany must give New York City home rule to pursue automated enforcement

Opinion: The NYPD’s stop-and-frisk practices are still here but under a new name

A new report sheds light on the New York City Police Department’s overpolicing of Black and Latino communities, and passing the How Many Stops Act could bring transparency into the NYPD’s daily activities and help prevent future loss of life.

Opinion: For a healthier city, New York must pass the Community Land Act

Here’s how this transformational legislation can deliver environmental, health and housing equity.


Opinion: Human services workers remain unseen and unheard in NYC budget

In the fiscal year 2024 budget, only $40 million was invested into the city’s human services workforce, failing to provide the sector’s call for a 6.5% cost-of-living increase.


Opinion: Coming together to build a safe pathway for youth at risk

How a coalition of providers are stepping up to help with seed funding from New York state to help members of the LGBTQ and BIPOC communities

New York City

Editor’s note: There’s no such thing as homelessness fraud

If someone is seeking a bed in a shelter, it’s because they need a bed in a shelter.


Opinion: Albany, stop making excuses for keeping basement homes unsafe

Here are the facts that debunk myths about these dwellings