This gallery confronts ageism through the work of artists over 60

Photo by Zach Williams/ NYN Media

Many artists believe they only have their 20s and 30s to make a name for themselves and exhibit their work in a Manhattan gallery – and then there are those who show their work at the Carter Burden Gallery.

This spinoff of the nonprofit Carter Burden Network battles ageism in the art world by only featuring work by artists over the age of 60. About 200 people have shown their work over the past decade.

“There is a lot of stereotypical response that people have to older artists,” said Beth Barry, one of the artists exhibiting at the gallery. “You don’t see older women in many situations whether its on the screen or with art, so to have a venue that’s really about people over 60 showing (their) work is really very welcoming because I think people people are creative at any point in their lives.”

NYN Media reporter Zach Williams attended the latest opening at the gallery on Jan. 11 to meet the artists and observe how a nonprofit can expand its programming in a creative way to better fulfill its mission – in this case, helping seniors show their skills and creativity in a setting that has a reputation for making youth a prerequisite for success.


Carter Burden Gallery confronts ageism through the work of artists over 60 from NYN Media on Vimeo.

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