The battle over rent regulations

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The American Civil Liberties Union is challenging a law that limits political activity outside New York courthouses. A new lawsuit aims to overturn a state law that prohibits political activity within 200 feet of a courthouse. The lawsuit follows the arrest of an activist outside the Bronx Hall of Justice, where he was handing out fliers highlighting “jury nullification,” the practice where a jury refuses to convict someone if it believes the underlying law is unjust. Read more here.


Charity Navigator lists how charitable donations can help anyone’s bottom line. Generosity is great, but donations can also be tax-deductible so long as a donor knows all the relevant details, especially when it comes to which types of gifts qualify for a tax deduction. Here is everything your donors need to know.


Rent regulations are up for renewal in Albany and the “Max & Murphy” podcast has the details. Renewing and expanding tenant protections is a top issue in the state Legislature now that the budget has been passed. With Democrats in control of both houses this year the chances have never been greater for a dramatic expansion of these protections, but that is far from a foregone conclusion.

A new episode of “Max & Murphy” examines the issues surrounding the rules limiting rent increases in the New York City area through interviews with first, Frank Ricci, director of Government Affairs for the Rent Stabilization Association, then Michael McKee, treasurer of TenantsPAC. Listen here.



The Legal Aid Society has received a $42.4 million contract renewal from The New York City Department of Social Services. The money will fund a cost-of-living increase for people delivering legal services for tenants, according to the City Record. Fort Greene Council will provide child care services on behalf of the Administration for Children’s Services, per a $587,058 contract.


One New York nonprofit leader is at the top of a list recognizing women in nonprofit Human Resources. Ofronama Biu is a senior research associate at Building Movement Project and the the author of a recent report about the limits women of color face in funding leadership roles in the nonprofit sector.

“Her report brings a new and nuanced analysis to Race to Lead’s 2016 data by examining the complexity of the intersection of race and gender of career outcomes for women of color,” reads a post on Nonprofit HR’s website. “Confirming biases that we have long suspected but had yet to confirm, the report adds to the growing call for a more systematic approach to removing race- and gender-based barriers in the workforce.”