Schumer joins nonprofits for legislative briefing

Nonprofit New York hosted the meeting with the Senate majority leader

Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer

Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer Photo Courtesy of Nonprofit New York

Nonprofit New York hosted a legislative briefing with Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer this week for members of various nonprofits throughout New York City. The event held at the Ford Foundation for Social Justice in Manhattan Tuesday featured a discussion on the current state of affairs in the nonprofit sector and outlined policies to advance the sector. 

"As a firm supporter of the nonprofit sector, these organizations are the key pillars of all communities,” said Schumer. “We must continue to support and assist every nonprofit with the financial, social, and labor resources to generate solutions to some of the most pressing issues.”

Issues discussed included inflation, labor shortages and child care in the nonprofit sector. There was also discussion around local building emission climate goals and the need for dedicated funding to meet these goals, the need for federal funding to continue to serve asylum seekers that arrive in New York and accessing energy incentive programs under the Inflation Reduction Act.

“We are so grateful for Majority Leader Schumer’s steadfast support for nonprofit organizations, and the opportunity to discuss the pressing issues facing our members. From nonprofit inclusion in the PPP loan program to the various tax credits and incentives for energy efficiency in the Inflation Reduction Act. The Majority Leader always takes the time to listen to us, work with us, and fight for us,” stated Chai Jindasurat-Yasui, vice president of policy at Nonprofit New York.

Nonprofit New York also shared its priority areas, which include: restoration of expired charitable giving incentives, Employee Retention Tax Credit delayed payments and IRS funding cuts, natural disaster relief, preservation of the Johnson Amendment and preservation of American Rescue Plan Act coronavirus state and local fiscal recovery funds.

The event concluded with a Q&A session with leaders of various nonprofit organizations.