On Board: JCCA Announces VP of Health and Well Being

On Board: JCCA Announces VP of Health and Well Being

August 6, 2015

To ensure the quality of its services, the Jewish Child Care Association recently created the position of Vice President for Health and Well Being. David Goldstein will be the first to serve in this role at JCCA, a nonprofit that provides comprehensive child and family services.

The new position was created to aid the agency’s “transition from current service delivery models to a new system that will ensure that JCCA’s clients and others continue to receive quality services,” according to a press release. 

“Among other priorities to improve well being for our clients and their families, this new position will address the substantial changes nationwide in how children, young people and their families who are Medicaid recipients receive the most appropriate health and behavioral health care as early as possible to reduce future illness,” said CEO Ronald E. Richter in a press release.

JCCA filled the position by pulling from its own ranks, promoting Goldstein, who has worked for JCCA for 28 years and has experience in community-based programs, residential programs, group programs and specialized services. In his previous role as Director of Psychology for Community-based Programs at JCCA, Goldstein coordinated all psychological services.

JCCA treats 16,000 families and children each year, providing a variety of services including group and family day care, mental health and preventive services, education programs, a residential diagnostic center, foster homes, group homes and residential services for children and adolescents, preventive services, independent living skills training, adoption programs, services to youth on the autism spectrum or with other special needs, and services to the Jewish community.