Knee-jerk responses to rising gun violence and shocking crimes have and will again have negative impacts on thousands of New Yorkers

New Yorkers are reeling from a rise in gun violence, and a series of shocking violent crimes against

I have had the word ‘grace’ rattling around my brain a lot these days.

Rikers Island

In the wake of protests over the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Tayor, Ahmaud Arbery and others, together with the lens the COVID-19 pandemic has

Building Your Crew

Too often, when I talk to the executive directors and CEOs that I work with and the topic of leadership comes up, I find myself in a conversation a

Usually, an A grade would be seen as a measure of a job well done.

I live on Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn – it is a big, broad street that was designed by 

City Hall

New York City’s newest City Council members have an enormous opportunity to improve the governing body’s relationship with the numerous nonprofit o

Transactional Friendships

My first iteration of this brief essay was written in the relatively benign pre-Covid era, and then I let it sit in my draft folder.

Although the New Year came in without much fanfare, amidst the pandemic and uncertainty, I did make a few resolutions that will guide how I do my w

The subminimum wage for service workers is a direct legacy of slavery and perpetuates some of the worst sexual harassment of any industry.