Using the stage to empower New York City’s young people

Nonprofit TADA! Youth Theater co-founder Janine Nina Trevens discusses the organization’s creative and free programming.

Destigmatizing access to mental health services for youth

An interview with Jessica Greenawalt, co-founder and executive director of The Arthur Project.

Putting food on the table and a roof overhead for needy New Yorkers

An interview with Peter Endriss, executive director of Community Help in Park Slope

How peer-led support can change mental health outcomes

An interview with Baltic Street Wellness Solutions CEO Taina Laing

Changing children’s lives for almost half a century

Arlene Goldsmith of New Alternatives for Children talks about her decades of leadership at the organization and her next move in an interview with New York Nonprofit Media.

Responding to food insecurity during Ramadan

How City Harvest is responding to the needs of New York’s Muslim community.

Making college readiness accessible after the end of affirmative action

A look at how The Opportunity Network advises students without the legal mandate.

New York City

Expanding the clubhouse model and community based therapy

Fountain House CEO Ken Zimmerman discusses how the New York City nonprofit is helping people with serious mental illness.

Connecting vulnerable Long Islanders to stable housing and specialized care

An Interview with Options for Community Living CEO Yolanda Robano-Gross

Interviews & Profiles

Aiming to turn a longtime women’s organization into an advocacy force

An Interview with Na’ilah Amaru, Women Creating Change’s new head of policy, advocacy and government relations

Fighting to save the state’s Health Home program

Matthew Lesieur, executive director of iHealth, discusses how the coalition of twenty-one community-based organizations providing specialized care management services is taking action.


HeadCount celebrates 20 years with new leadership

Lucille Wenegieme, the nonprofit’s new executive director, takes on voter registration.