NYN Media Insights Podcast: Close to Home under threat in Gov. Cuomo’s proposed budget

Illustration by Zach Williams/ NYN Media

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo released his proposed budget in January for the upcoming fiscal year. The state budget process always involves competing priorities, but this year many nonprofits are fighting back by lobbying the state to invest more in the sector. Some of these organizations like the Citizens' Committee for Children of New York find themselves in an even bigger fight. Gov. Cuomo has proposed cutting all state funding to Close to Home, a program that places juvenile offenders in facilities near their neighborhoods rather than imprisoning them far away from the family and community support that can help them stay out of a lifetime of crime.

Stephanie Gendell joined us to discuss this program and what the budget proposal means for New York nonprofits overall. She's the associate executive director of policy and advocacy at the Citizens' Committee for Children of New York.

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