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Andrew Cuomo

Policy items dropping from state budget – for now

Some policy items are reportedly dropping out of the New York state budget talks, including the Child Victims Act, criminal justice reform and early voting.

Andrew Cuomo

What to watch for in the final week of state budget talks

With the New York state budget deadline pending and several issues left unresolved, here are the things to watch as the spending plan is finalized this week.

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Jared Kushner lied to NYC because he could get away with it

The Kushner Cos. filing of false paperwork on rent-regulated units and efforts to expel tenants is a failure of not just the companys integrity, but of state and local law. With the incentive structure of state rent regulations and a two-tiered legal system in which corporations get a slap on the wrist for ripping off the public while the poor go to jail for drug possession, actions like Kushner’s are inevitable.

Andrew Cuomo

School officials want an extra $1.6 billion. Cuomo offered $769 million.

New York's state budget is due soon, and funding for education remains unresolved. City & State spoke with state Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia about the funding levels she would like to see for New York's schools and the governor's less generous proposal, as well as as what her department is doing to protect the rights of transgender students. 

Andrew Cuomo

Cuomo, don’t cut child welfare funding

Gov. Andrew Cuomo would undo two decades of progress on child welfare funding by slashing New York City's resources.

Andrew Cuomo

New York keeps shortchanging poor students

New York's Foundation Aid formula has major shortcomings, which include using a decade of inconsistent local share calculations, arbitrary floors and ceilings, old demographic data and guaranteed increases regardless of changing demographics or enrollment. As a result of these distortions, excess aid is sent to wealthy districts and poorer districts get shortchanged. The state cannot afford to fully fund the warped formula, yet advocates are calling for a $2 billion increase in Foundation Aid in the coming year.

Simcha Felder

Armed school officers could turn the state Senate blue

The fate of state Sen. Simcha Felder's bill arming guards in schools could impact which party he caucuses with.

Alliance for Quality Education

To combat racism, fund needy schools

State Foundation Aid is underfunded.

John DeFrancisco

DeFrancisco versus Molinaro: Who is winning the endorsement race?

The all-important county officials are lining up behind both GOP gubernatorial candidates.

Andrew Cuomo

Cuomo takes on guns, NYCHA and the Percoco verdict

Gov. Andrew Cuomo joined students walking out to protest gun violence. Afterward, he took questions from the press on the conviction of Joseph Percoco, his former senior aide.

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Why the attacks against my Black History Education bill are racist

Fringe groups like the Working Families Party, Make NY True Blue and Indivisible feel intellectually superior to everyone and believe they determine who is a Democrat and who is not, and define who is black enough and what it means to be a public servant in communities of color. 

With this disconnected view, activists shamefully slammed my effort to pass the Black History Education bill during Black History Month. 

Kathy Hochul

It’s time for menstrual equity

The state Legislature should require free menstrual products in public schools, argue Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul and Jennifer Weiss-Wolf.

Andrew Cuomo

A gun control coalition, 1199’s endorsement and still more Percoco

In this week’s headlines, Gov. Andrew Cuomo formed a coalition to combat gun violence and won a key – albeit expected – endorsement from 1199 SEIU, while the long-running corruption trial of his former top aide, Joe Percoco, kept on running.

Andrew Cuomo

Updated: New York’s most prominent guns rights and gun control advocates

The latest mass shooting splits New York politicians.

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Not just Trump: New Yorkers in the White House

For President's Day, we look at presidents from New York.

Polly Trottenberg

Talking transit with Trottenberg

Jeff Klein

Jeff Klein, the chess master

The chess master: State Sen. Jeff Klein has risen in Albany by outplaying his rivals. What is the endgame?