Opinion: Public banks can help New York meet its ambitious climate goals

Such institutions are created by governments and charted to serve the public interest, rather than propping up harmful industries.

Rikers Island

Opinion: NYC’s nightmarish plan to prohibit physical mail in jails should be abandoned

A move to digitize this correspondence has proved in the past to dramatically undermine the expressive and privacy rights of both incarcerated and unincarcerated people.


Opinion: Further reforms needed to keep discrimination out of Long Island housing

Nonprofit watchdog Housing Rights Initiative found that despite multiple efforts to protect the use of Section 8 vouchers, barriers for prospective tenants persist.

Opinion: Why nonprofit leaders should discuss past mistakes as 2023 gets underway

A new year brings opportunity for worthwhile discussions and there is tremendous relief that comes with chatting about our setbacks and being our true selves when seeking solutions.

Opinion: Hospitals that get tax breaks without fully reinvesting in communities hurt all New Yorkers

New legislation would create an office of health care accountability to reverse this trend and provide more affordable, accessible and transparent services.

New York urgently needs medication abortion on its college campuses

Passing legislation to require pill distribution in public universities can relieve the pressure on clinical abortion providers and remove barriers to access for students.


Commentary: With rising premiums on the horizon, should nonprofits go self-insured?

Some organizations are paying for individual employee health claims out of pocket instead of through a monthly, fixed premium to a health insurance carrier.


Opinion: Congress’ last chance to feed hungry kids

New York’s congressional delegation should seize the moment to restore lapsed aid programs, pull kids out of poverty and put food on the table for millions of our neighbors across the state.


Opinion: Funding safety net hospitals must be a priority in next legislative session

With budget season approaching, Albany should prioritize creating a sustainable and equitable payment structure for these institutions.

Opinion: New York’s corporal punishment ban is crucial to kids’ mental health

As pandemic-related disruptive behaviors continue in schools, mental health supports are the answer.


Editor’s Note: Adult Survivors Act needs all the attention it can get

The law opens a one-year lookback window for survivors to come forward with legal claims against their alleged abusers.

Commentary: Tackling racial inequality starts with New York City’s DOE

New Yorkers just voted to redress racial inequality in our city. It should start with the schools.


Commentary: Keeping older New Yorkers safe

Ensuring elderly justice is a priority with rising concerns over crime.

Commentary: When police become our government

What should law enforcement do? Solving crimes, not running community centers, is the direct route to reducing crime and improving trust.


Opinion: The power of the AAPI vote in 2022 and beyond

Here’s why the Asian American Pacific Islander community needs to be counted going into the midterm elections.


Opinion: How a court’s mission aligned with its response to Superstorm Sandy

The Red Hook Community Justice Center took the same holistic approach to overcoming challenges in the criminal justice system when Superstorm Sandy hit ten years ago.