The New York Community Trust awards more than $7.7 million to 39 nonprofits

Grants went to providers delivering migrant services, cancer care, supporting people with disabilities and the arts sector.


Living a testament to humane, criminal justice reform efforts

An interview with Stanley Richards, a formerly incarcerated man of color now leading the Fortune Society.


Opinion: Who is making immigrant youth in NYC a priority?

Homeless agencies are, but they are at their breaking point and need more resources.


Mobilization for Justice employees stage one-day strike

The workers joined by New York Assembly Member Zohran Mamdani on the picket line demanded higher wages following high inflation and post-pandemic work.


Commentary: Seizing the opportunity to improve contracting

A look at New York City’s transition from HHS Accelerator to PASSPort


Opinion: Make gender equality count in 2024

Money is the key ingredient in helping organizations fight violence and discrimination against women and others.


OPINION: Serving justice while limiting the collateral damage

Here’s why the Child Victims Act poses an unintended threat to nonprofits serving New York’s child welfare system and what can be done.


Welcome Home Westchester on the county’s severe housing shortage

The group of organizations outline their observations and recommendations in a letter to Assembly Members Chris Burdick and Dana Levenberg.

Interviews & Profiles

A life dedicated to affordable housing

Valerie White, senior executive director of LISC-NY, reflects on her long career and taking on her current role just weeks after the COVID-19 shutdown began.


Commentary: A New Year’s reflection on philanthropy

Our sector needs to continue supporting the now-needs of our communities and resourcing efforts to stop the erosion of our rights, protect our democracy and save our planet.


Commentary: The secrets to longevity for nonprofits

The Anderson Center for Autism passes along the wisdom gained from a century of service.


Opinion: Our mental health system fails too many kids

There are devoted, compassionate people at every level of the system who are ready for change, and concrete things we can do together starting in 2024 to help our most vulnerable.


Nonprofit coalition creates experimental learning campus at Floyd Bennet Field

The 1,300 acre site in Brooklyn will accommodate up to 50,000 New York City public school students annually to learn skills and mindsets focused on sustainability while earning credentials for future green careers.