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New York City


Tenants fed up with nonprofit landlord ask court to appoint administrator to take over building

A group of tenants living in a building owned by supportive housing provider Food First have filed a petition in housing court to get an administrator appointed to manage the building, which has over 150 outstanding violations.



What New York City bus routes should be free?

Check out this unscientific poll by New York Nonprofit Media’s sister news site City & State on where readers want the MTA to see fare-free bus routes, one in each borough, under new pilot program.



Progressive groups tell Hochul next chief judge must not be former prosecutor

More than 100 organizations, including the Working Families Party, signed a letter urging the governor to choose someone who will reverse the Court of Appeals’ rightward drift.

Criminal justice


Critics say New York’s new gun control law will fuel mass incarceration

When the old law was ruled unconstitutional, public defenders had hoped that the Legislature could craft a better law.