New York City Council pushes affordable housing package

Several bills are in the Community Land Act, including two that prioritize nonprofits in housing development.


Fighting for acceptance of New York City rental vouchers

How one nonprofit and others advocating for tenants are facing discrimination, bureaucratic delays and government incompetence head on.

affordable housing

Nonprofit to incorporate green strategies in affordable housing efforts

Local Initiatives Support Corporation is setting out to combat climate change


Opinion: Further reforms needed to keep discrimination out of Long Island housing

Nonprofit watchdog Housing Rights Initiative found that despite multiple efforts to protect the use of Section 8 vouchers, barriers for prospective tenants persist.


Tenants’ rights advocates and lawmakers tout legislative agenda

Activists, elected officials and tenants rallied outside the governor’s Manhattan office to launch their legislative campaign to protect renters.


Immigrant households disproportionately rent-burdened: Report

Nearly 434,000 children in New York City were in households with at least one immigrant parent and experienced rent burden in 2021, according to the Citizens’ Committee for Children analysis.

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Jared Kushner lied to NYC because he could get away with it

The Kushner Cos. filing of false paperwork on rent-regulated units and efforts to expel tenants is a failure of not just the companys integrity, but of state and local law. With the incentive structure of state rent regulations and a two-tiered legal system in which corporations get a slap on the wrist for ripping off the public while the poor go to jail for drug possession, actions like Kushner’s are inevitable.

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NYCHA tenants deserve rent abatements for missing heat

The law requires a refund for uninhabitable conditions.

Andrew Cuomo

Cuomo takes on guns, NYCHA and the Percoco verdict

Gov. Andrew Cuomo joined students walking out to protest gun violence. Afterward, he took questions from the press on the conviction of Joseph Percoco, his former senior aide.

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3 myths Trump’s budget proposal wants you to believe about public housing

NYCHA would suffer under Trump's policies that are based on false premises.


A short-lived shutdown, Howe he did it and no NYCHA apology

The top political headlines, from New Yorkers' role in the short-lived federal shutdown to the latest in the Joe Percoco trial.


Shola Olatoye deserves our support

The knives are out for NYCHA Chairwoman Shola Olatoye, but as one of the most accomplished and effective public servants in New York City, she deserves support.

Bill de Blasio

The Shola must go on

Why de Blasio is standing by embattled NYCHA chief Shola Olatoye.


Do homeless people vote?