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Momentum builds to increase funding for nonprofit contractors

An upcoming City Hall hearing comes at the right time for nonprofit advocates who want to channel media attention, and outrage following the release of a report this week by city Comptroller Scott Stringer.


A new $1 million fund to combat sexual harassment and assault

The New York Women’s Foundation threw its weight behind the #MeToo effort against sexual harassment and assault by announcing the creation of a $1 million fund to support the movement and its allies, they announced at a recent fundraiser.


Showing impact with St. Nicks Alliance and Change Capital Fund

Change Capital Fund invests in helping nonprofits demonstrate their impact, but the data collection to make that happen can be a heavy lift.


These are the FPWA's New York City budget priorities

We sat down with the leader of a leading nonprofit to discuss where the sector is at after the passage of the state budget.


This is why Leake and Watts has become Rising Ground

It was a complete rebrand for the 187-year-old nonprofit: New mission statement, new vision statement, new name, new logo


The latest from Food Bank for New York City ... Robert Wood Johnson Foundation ... and more

Today's buzz has news from the Bottomless Closet, Food Bank for New York City and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.