NYC Community School District 1 to offer mental health services to all district families this fall

University Settlement’s Families Thriving program will partner with Trinity Church Wall Street in a pilot expansion of comprehensive mental health services.


Expanding student outreach after COVID-19

Job Corps, which offers free educational and vocational programs to economically disadvantaged youth, looks to reach more Latino students after the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.


Closing the tech gap in NYC starts with expanding K-12 computing education

With a boom in tech jobs during the coronavirus pandemic, preparing New Yorkers from underrepresented communities for these positions should be a top priority for the city.


New York City Council ramps up pressure on mayor to restore school budget funding

Even though they also approved the cuts, the council held a hearing on Monday highlighting the impacts on teachers and students.


New York City’s plan for integrating asylum-seeker children into public schools

Potentially thousands of these new students could be entering schools in the fall, and the nation’s largest school system will be developing a curriculum to meet their needs


Nonprofit's college savings program to benefit NYC kindergartners

Through a partnership with NYC Kids RISE, the Department of Education is rolling out 529 college savings accounts for 97% of all kindergartners when students return to school this fall.


Revamping how we teach reading must be fundamental to NYC DOE reforms

Mayor Eric Adams and Schools Chancellor David Banks took promising first steps by proposing a shift to an evidence-based reading curriculum and comprehensive dyslexia screenings.


What’s behind declining enrollment in NYC schools?

A new Manhattan Institute report argues for greater acknowledgment of parents’ autonomy in the governance of district-run schools


Can NYC’s summer school program help make up for a pandemic year?

High demand and a rushed rollout have left some teachers and organizations feeling unprepared for an influx of kids to summer programming.

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School officials want an extra $1.6 billion. Cuomo offered $769 million.

New York's state budget is due soon, and funding for education remains unresolved. City & State spoke with state Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia about the funding levels she would like to see for New York's schools and the governor's less generous proposal, as well as as what her department is doing to protect the rights of transgender students. 

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New York keeps shortchanging poor students

New York's Foundation Aid formula has major shortcomings, which include using a decade of inconsistent local share calculations, arbitrary floors and ceilings, old demographic data and guaranteed increases regardless of changing demographics or enrollment. As a result of these distortions, excess aid is sent to wealthy districts and poorer districts get shortchanged. The state cannot afford to fully fund the warped formula, yet advocates are calling for a $2 billion increase in Foundation Aid in the coming year.

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Armed school officers could turn the state Senate blue

The fate of state Sen. Simcha Felder's bill arming guards in schools could impact which party he caucuses with.

Alliance for Quality Education

To combat racism, fund needy schools

State Foundation Aid is underfunded.

gun control

Why armed guards would be bad for schools

Over-policing schools has not worked in NY.

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Why the attacks against my Black History Education bill are racist

Fringe groups like the Working Families Party, Make NY True Blue and Indivisible feel intellectually superior to everyone and believe they determine who is a Democrat and who is not, and define who is black enough and what it means to be a public servant in communities of color. 

With this disconnected view, activists shamefully slammed my effort to pass the Black History Education bill during Black History Month. 

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NYC’s new schools chancellor should make college success matter

The most important item on the next New York City school's chancellor’s to-do list is hardly being discussed: preparing vastly more students to succeed in college, argue Tom Hilliard and Matt A.V. Chaban of the Center for an Urban Future.

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Other political figures who backed out of appointments

Alberto Carvalho isn’t the first politician to withdraw from a position – although in his case, it wasn’t driven by scandal or controversy but because he was beloved by local school board members and students who wanted him to stay. Here are some other national figures who have made waves by declining a position after being nominated.